I broke up with my best friend yesterday and I know we won’t speak to each other again. She started blocking me on WhatsUp and then wrote me on twitter that she was bored with me.

I am destroyed and torn apart inside. She was bored? No I don’t think so, as everything was alright two hours before…

This happened to me when I was 17. My best friend since 5th grade — we were inseparable. Then I missed a lot of school, and she got frustrated and decided she didn’t want to be friends anymore. Said a rude things about and to me. I went to a very small school (graduation class was 85 people), so there were no new friends to make. I ended up switching schools because I couldn’t go through my senior year dealing with the loneliness and ridicule I had endured my junior year.

It turned out that her parents were fighting a lot at that time and she had that to look forward to when she came home from school every day. I, in turn, was dealing with a brain tumor (it was benign and later dissolved) and a load of depression and anxiety brought on by the side effects of orthotrycyclin. The stress took it’s toll on both of us and our relationship. I wasn’t there when she needed me, and neither of us shared our problems with the other.

Now, years later, my friend and I have reconnected. It’s all water under the bridge now, and we both have beautiful families and children and husbands and others who love us.

Please don’t give up on yourself now. If I had, I would have missed so much joy because — at risk of sounding cliche — it does get better.